MrFijodor la 22 

Mrfjodor, alias Fjodor Benzo.
Born in Imperia, Italy in 1979, he has been doing graffiti and drawings for over 15 years.  He studied Fine Arts in Cuneo (Italy) and Valencia (Spain); he has lived in Turin since 2004.
For years he tried to use tags like all writers, but in the end he settled for his own first name. A child with a strong creative streak, he started off building monsters with LEGO and drawing on his bedroom walls.
In recent years his creations have varied a lot, from installations to themed murals, but also performances and graffiti, which he has been doing since 1994.
He creates works the subjects of which are usually elementary forms that carry direct and ironically responsible messages; based on a simple interpretative key in order to communicate with the observer. Very often, his works are accompanied by a social and environmental critique using a childish smile of amazement as a weapon, rather than technical research.
Member of the cultural association Il Cerchio e Le Gocce, with whom he has produced many large murals, the most important of which is "Culture Colours Your Life" 2010, painted on the imposing windowless facade of the Palazzo Nuovo building at Turin University.
Amongst some of his other works are: the external decoration of the Toroc Centre, organizing body of the Winter Olympics 2006; the International Offices of Turin Polytechnic; the Toy Museum in Bra (CN); Moncaglieri Railway Station on behalf of RFI and the interior of the Turin Tobacco factory Yesmoke Tobacco.
For several years he has collaborated with the artist Opiemme, creating many installations for Festivals: including the Notte Bianca Festival in Rome, in 2007 (with 30.000 small roles of paper with poetry on them), the Parma Poesia Festival (2006,2007,2008); Musicultura Festival in Macerata; Traffic Free Festival at Spazio Festival in Turin. Out of this collaboration , between 2007 and 2010, came some  significant works of environmental interest, like 'the enormous cigarette abandoned on the beach', an ironic protest against those who litter ( Don't leave cigarettes on the beach) and the giant packet of cigarettes, containing exhaust pipes, called Traffic Kills'
He has also taken part in two editions (2008 and 2009) of the Ligurian music festival "Balla coi Cinghiali" (Dances with Boars).


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